Advisory Board

An Advisory Board helps us evaluate the progress of our activities and plan our future research agenda. In alphabetical order, academics on the board who guide our studies with their suggestions are listed below:

Nuran Aydın, Nursing School

Dilek Barlas, Department of History

Nazlı Baydar, Department of Psychology

Dikmen Bezmez, Department of Sociology

Tankut Centel, Law School

Sami Gülgöz, Department of Psychology (Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities)

Ahmet İçduygu, Department of International Relations

Yonca Köksal, Department of History

Aylin Küntay, Department of Psychology

Bertil Emrah Oder, Law School (Dean)

Şenay Özden, Department of Sociology

Bruce Rankin, Department of Sociology

Fabio Salomoni, Foreign Languages Support Program

Lucienne Mary Şenocak, Department of History

İnsan Tunalı, Department of Economics (Associate Dean of College of Administrative Sciences and Economics)

Bilge Yağmurlu, Department of Psychology

Kamil Yılmaz, Department of Economics


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